Basic Information

Muzeiko is a 2,000 m2 space with over 130 interactive games created for children and curious adults. The entire content of the museum is designed to inspire children to learn, discover and explore the sciences, while helping children, their families and educators spend time together actively and effectively.

Where is Muzeiko?

Muzeiko Science Center for Children is located in the Studenski grad municipality of Sofia. You can get precise directions to our location and find us by public transport on How to get to Muzeiko or by calling 02/ 902 00 00.

Who can visit? How long can they stay?

Muzeiko Science Center for Children is open to everyone.

Families and individual visitors are welcome from Tuesday through Sunday. School groups are welcome from Tuesday to Friday and can choose between special programs or independent activities. A ticket for Muzeiko is valid for the entire day.

Find more information at Tickets and Hours of operation and School Groups.

Who takes care of the children? How long can they stay?

The health and safety of children visiting Muzeiko is solely the responsibility of their parents and teachers. The Muzeiko team will help you have a meaningful and fun visit to the children’s educational center. Our basic Terms and Conditions can be found at this link.

So many new things! Where should I start?

You can make your decision about what to do during your visit easier if you and your child look at our information about exhibits and interactive games before you arrive and discuss what you would like to try.

Make sure you and your children take lots of breaks – sit down and discuss what you’ve seen, watch a video, go out to the playground or the skyloft for a little physical activity. Depending on their age, children can actively absorb information for between 10 minutes (ages three to five) and forty minutes (at the age of ten or eleven).

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