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I. General Provisions

1. These General Terms and Conditions comprise an AGREEMENT between you and Muzeiko under which you may use the services provided at websites www.muzeiko.com and www.muzeiko.bg for personal and non- commercial purposes and in compliance with the terms and conditions described herein below.

2. By accessing or using either of the Websites you agree to all terms and conditions of their use.

3. If you do not agree with these General Terms and Conditions (or any other rules for use), you must immediately stop using the Website.

4. For the purposes of these General Terms and Conditions, the terms and expressions listed below shall have the following definitions:

“Website administrator” or “We” shall mean MUZEIKO, Sofia, Unified Identification Code (UIC) 18084911, VAT No. BG18084911, with seat and registered address at 3 Prof. Boyan Kamenov St., Studentski district, 1700 Sofia, е-mail: muzeiko@muzeiko.bg, telephone No. 02/902 0000;

“Website” shall mean the web pages www.muzeiko.com and www.muzeiko.bg; “Customer” or “You” shall mean any person who accesses or uses the Website; “Ticket” shall mean a unique document with a barcode issued in paper form;

“Interactive science workshops” shall mean a complex online service for the provision of digital content, namely a digital STE(A)M science program, which includes a video story with scientific content presented by a member of the Muzeiko staff, and in some cases also materials and/or files to be printed out by the customer.

“Electronic statement” shall mean electronic statement as defined in the Electronic Document and Electronic Signature Act and in the context of the functions and capabilities of the Website, and may include an electronic ticket purchase form, a reservation, an agreement, an application, and so on;

II. Entering into an Agreement with the Website Administrator

5. By making an electronic statement (by purchasing a ticket on-line and/or purchasing a ticket for an interactive science workshop) the Customer shall be considered to have entered into an agreement with the Website Administrator under these General Terms and Conditions and under the General Terms and Conditions for using Muzeiko’s services.

6. The ticket purchase or service purchase form contains the following data or parts thereof:

(a) customer’s name and surname;
(b) valid email address;
(c) subject of the Service requested (a ticket for entry and/or interactive science workshop);
(d) total number of persons who will be using the Service;
(e) date of planned visit or participation in the interactive science workshop;
f) the customer’s phone (for the interactive science workshops)
g) an address for delivery by post (for an interactive science workshop that entails the provision of materials by Muzeiko
Muzeiko in a box);

7. Without prejudice to Article 1 hereof, by sending an electronic statement for ticket purchase for entry or interactive science workshop, the Customer states that he or she has read and understands these General Terms and Conditions as well as the General Terms and Conditions for using Muzeiko’s services.

8. The Customer may pay for the Service in advance via cash on delivery, at a cashier’s desk or via a debit or credit card. Payments are made through a payment system for servicing bank card operations on the territory of Bulgaria.
9. In order to make use of the Service Virtual Science Workshop for your children, you undertake the obligation to follow all safety instructions provided by Muzeiko and the other organizations delivering services, as well as to make sure that there is an adult present during the whole duration of the event, i.e. while the child/children watch the video lesson and follow the instructions of the presenter for completing the practical activity/activities of the workshop. The parent/guardian/adult assistant of the child is responsible for the safety of the child while the latter watches the video and works with the available materials.

10. The Customer may not withdraw from an agreement for provision of leisure services when such Services have been undertaken to be provided by the Website Administrator on a specific date or within a specific period (e.g., a one-time visit to Muzeiko Science Center for Children or an interactive science workshop, which is streamed live).

11. In order to be issued an invoice for the purchase, the interested party must inform the Web Administrator immediately after making the payment in writing by emailing muzeiko@muzeiko.bg and providing all necessary data, including Personal/Unified Identification Number for physical entities. Issued invoices can be collected from Muzeiko’s registered address.


III. Final Provisions

12. The Website Administrator may collect and store information about its customers upon their registration in a manner that allows their identification, taking the requisite care to prevent third-party access to stored customer data.

13. The Customers may use the services subject to these General Terms and Conditions, the additional terms and conditions for the specific services and Bulgarian law.

14. By accepting these General Terms and Conditions the Customer declares that he or she agrees to the the Administrator collecting and processing his or her personal data for the purposes of providing the services offered by the Administrator as well as to its contacting the Customer by telephone or email.

15. The personal data processed in connection with providing the services of Muzeiko will be used only for the purpose of carrying them out. General Terms for using the services offered by Muzeiko. For further details pertaining to your rights and questions directed to us concerning your personal data, please familiarize yourself with the Notification for confidential handling of personal data in the section “Your data” on our website.

16. Personal data, which are possibly under the radar of the cameras on the user computers while the interactive science workshops are taking place, will not be processed (including recorder and stored) by Muzeiko, as an administrator of personal data, and are secured through technical and organizational measures, which are applied with regard to the data needed for carrying out the service.

17. The Website Administrator acknowledges its duty to take care of all children, including by protecting them against violations, wherefore it strictly complies with national and international children’s rights protection laws and regulations.

18. The Website Administrator reserves the right to terminate access to the Website or parts thereof at any time and without notice or owing any compensation.

19. Except as provided otherwise in these General Terms and Conditions, the Website Administrator cannot be held responsible for any damages caused by use of the Website (or any related website) or of services offered through the Website, regardless of whether the Website Administrator knew of circumstances that could lead to damages.

20. There may be links to other websites on the Website. The Website Administrator cannot be held responsible for the veracity or entirety of the information published on those links.

21. The Website Administrator may unilaterally amend these General Terms and Conditions. The amendments shall be effective as of the day of their publication.

22. These General Terms and Conditions shall be interpreted and applied in accordance with the provisions of Bulgarian law.

23. Any disputes arising between the parties shall be settled by the competent Bulgarian courts.

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