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The Idea


The role of play, inspiration, and experience with real practical situations and objects in children's development has been studied since the 19th century by a number of philosophers and educators such as Jean Piaget, John Dewey and Maria Montessori.

In the twentieth century, the work of these and other visionaries has given courage to many practitioners to propose truly new approaches to formal and non-formal education around the world.

One of the successful and already established models are the so-called children's museums.

The first children's museum opened in 1899 in Brooklyn, followed by Boston, Detroit and Indianapolis.

Children's museums are a place for children to spend active and effective time together with their parents and teachers, providing opportunities for fun and play in common spaces.



Muzeiko is modeled on children's museums in the United States, taking into account the results of the latest research on children development and the learning process in children of different ages.

Everything in Muzeiko's home is thought out to the smallest detail - from the characteristic architecture through energy efficiency to the space for interactive exhibits, each of which will arouse children's curiosity about science, engineering, ecology, communications, and the arts.

The entire installation in Muzeiko is created by leading scientists, educators, and designers and is in line with modern trends in education. The developments are based on theories of learning through play and applied activities, multiple intelligences, suggestopedia, and other techniques for accelerated learning and potential development.



Who is Muzeiko?

Science becomes a game when you can touch and smell it, jump with both feet into another world, experiment, and be surprised. When you can dream.

Muzeiko is brave - except when something scares him. And beautiful, as beautiful every triangle is. And smart - except when he doesn't understand something. In that case, he immediately goes to see him and finds out on the spot. Because Muzeiko has a magical skill - to travel through time. Well, and one more thing - to hide from the dangers by sticking to something triangular. Like the pyramids in Egypt. Like shark fins. As… you will see for yourself.

When he returns from his travels, Muzeiko takes something to remember. And he gathered all the memories in his home, where you can see them too!


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