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  • Lee H. Skolnick Architecture + Design Partnership,

    LHSA + DP created Muzeiko's house.

  • A&A Architects

    are the Bulgarian partners of LHSA+DP, who have been working through all stages of our project and have carried out supervision during Muzeiko’s construction.

  • Zornitsa Hristova

    is a Bulgarian translator from English, journalist and author of children’s books. In 2010 she founded her own publishing company “Tochitsa” for entertaining and educational children’s literature. Zornitsa is one of the creators of Muzeiko’s  texts and “voices”. She takes care for the great selection of books in the Gift Shop of Muzeiko.

  • Space Challanges

    is a leading program for space sciences and exponentially developing technology in Eastern Europe. This year Muzeiko launched the program “Space Challenges Junior” for children.

  • Poststudio

    is a design studio, founded by Andrean Neshev, Magdalina Stancheva and Velina Stoykova. They manage the development of Muzeiko’s illustrations and internal design.

  • 8 PM

    are Kalina and Raddy. They communicate with media and share what journalists would like to know about Muzeiko.

  • Angela Rodel

    was born in Minnesota, United States. She graduated from Yale University in Linguistics and ethnomusicology at the University of California. She sings and plays in the ethno-rock band “Gologan”, together with her husband Ivan Hristov – poet and kaval player. Angela is one of the creators of the texts and “voices” of Muzeiko.

  • Bon Art Studio

    created Muzeiko’s multimedia content.

  • Prof. Tanya Ivanova

    is head of the Space Biotechnology department in the Space Research and Technology Institute – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, which created The Space Conservatory „SVET“(two generations of which were successfully launched, and functioned regularly on the board of the Orbital station Mir.)

  • Vessela Dantcheva

    is an animator, co-founder of the animation studio FinFilm and Compote Collective.

  • Tripple Green

    is an international company, specializing in consulting on LEED sustainable planning and construction projects in the United States, Europe and the Near East.

  • Rositsa Raleva

    is one of the best Bulgarian illustrators and designers. She is interested in building a fascinating environment that children from early age could get acquainted with.

  • Liubov Kostova

    is the Director of British Council in Bulgaria and the British Council Global Manager of FameLab. Co-founder of Sofia Science Festival.

  • Bigla III OOD

    was selected to construct Muzeiko's building.

  • Kubik Maltbie

    is an American company, committed to the development of interactive exhibitions and modules for children and adults, according to the special requirements of museums in the United States and around the world.

  • Gradi Gradev

    is Partnerships and Digital Development Manager at British Council Bulgaria, and leads the communications laboratory for FameLab, on the behalf of British Council, all around the world. Co-founder of Sofia Science Festival.

  • Kamelia Miteva

    is the founder of Bio Games and a certificated molecular biologist. Kamelia Miteva successfully combines her two passions – biology and art. She knows a lot about biomimicry and design inspired by Nature.

  • Walltopia

    manufactured some of the exhibits, Muzeiko’s Iconic Treе and the climbing wall.

  • Svetla Dalakchieva

    is the Chief Curator of the Museum of Natural History in Burgas. She is an ornithologist - a graduate from the Faculty of Biology at Sofia University, and the leader and creator of the Environmentalist’s Summer Academy at the museum.

  • А Squared

    is one of the creators of Muzeiko’s exhibits.

  • Termo-klima 2005 EOOD

    makes plans, projects and montage of heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems. Bogomil Horozov and Kiril Nikolaev joined Muzeiko’s team.

  • Mouse Print

    printed all the graphics and signs at Muzeiko.

  • Svetla Vassileva and Galya Pencheva

    are the creators of the Fun Mathematics Center. It has the mission to spread art and beauty all over mathematics. They have studied and gained experience in Germany, Italy and the Netherlands.

  • Nikan Bulgaria EOOD

    was created in 2006 by engineer Nikola Vodenicharov. His main purpose was to join forces of electrical specialists, providing high quality electrical engineering services.

  • Ivaylo Slavov

    is a meteorologist, devoted to science popularization and communication throughout various publics, including children. He has more than 20 years of experience, working in meteorology departments of national television channels and other media, and was even head of the Meteorology department of the Air-force base in Dobroslavtsi, as he specialized in Aviation meteorology.

  • Rositsa Bineva

    is an ethnographer and curator at the Architectural-Ethnographic Complex Etar Gabrovo. There she assembles and organizes educational programs, related to crafts trainings and homework.

  • Peter Theodossiev and Rossen Theodossiev

    are brothers and the head editors of Bulgarian Science magazine, as well as creators of the Science Forum association. They are interested in military history and devoted to science promoting and giving the opportunity for expression and communication between Bulgarian and foreign scientists.

  • D-r Petko Petrov

    is head curator and head of the Funds and Expositions Department at the Earth and Man National Museum. He has a doctorate in Geology, head of preparation of permanent and temporary exhibitions at the museum.

  • OCA 2000

    have manufactured some of the exhibits at Muzeiko.

  • Dikras

    are designing water and sanitation systems for residential, public and business buildings.

  • D-r Mario Ivanov

    has a PhD in Archaeology and is Chief Assistant at the National Institute of Archaeology with Museum at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. He is head of the archaeological excavations at Serdika. Between 2010 and 2012 he had supervised one of the major researches of the ancient city – circa 6000 square meters.

  • Bulgarian Science

    is a magazine with a diverse popular science contents, as well as topical scientific features and articles.

  • Arch. Magdalina Razheva

    is co-founder of the Architectural Workshop for Children, along with Nikolay Davidkov. A main purpose is to pass on architecture’s beauty to the children, and to provoke their imagination.

  • Excalibur

    manufactured Muzeiko’s external playground.

  • Valeria Noeva

    is an archaeologist and English teacher, former journalist and translator.

  • Kiril Mitov

    is the founder of the robotics school Robopartans, who aim to awaken and consolidate pupils’ interest in physics, information and communication technologies, mathematics and technical Sciences in general.

  • Robopartans Robotics School

    aims to awaken and consolidate pupils’ interest in physics, information and communication technologies, mathematics and technical Sciences in general.

  • Vladimir Bozhilov

    is an astrophysicist and astronomer, a PhD student at the Faculty of Physics at the Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, and science editor of BBC Knowledge magazine. He participated in a training, held under the guidance of Professor John Mather – a 2006 Nobel laureate in Physics. As an active science promoter, Vladimir earned second place at the FameLab science communication competition in 2010, and also took part in the Beautiful Science TV show.

  • Docho Iskrov Dochov

    is Chief Assistant at the Geology, Paleontology and Fossil Fuels Department at the Faculty of Geology and Geography of the Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski.

  • Studio Gurkov LTD

    is a company, specialized in the field of landshaft architecture, planting, and design of public, private and business places. Rosen Gurkov prepared the plans for Muzeiko’s green areas.

  • Archidea

    manufactured some of Muzeiko’s exhibits.

  • Profi-Promeco Ltd.

    produces complex glass-steel constructions, which require performance precision of the load-bearing details, without damaging the stamina of the system.

  • National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology – BAS

    donated the weather station to Muzeiko.

  • Hardsoft Design

    manufactured the space greenhouse.

  • Available Light

    is a lighting company, based in New York, and specialized in light fixtures for public buildings and public spaces. They created the lighting concept of Muzeiko`s premises and exhibits.

  • Structco Ltd.

    is a structural and geotechnical engineering practice, based in Sofia, Bulgaria.

  • Fun Mathematics

    “The love for mathematics, manifested in an early age, along with the endless enthusiasm to pass it on to children in a comprehensible and entertaining way is in the basis of the approach we take communicating with children.“ – Fun Mathematics Center.


    is a scale model studio, specialized in services, related to the presentation of architectural and engineering projects. Georgi Kmetov and his team have created Muzeiko’s scale model.

  • Architectural workshop for children

    is a non-profit organization, established by Magdalina Razheva and Nikolay Davidkov – architects and parents. In collaboration with students from the University of architecture, civil engineering and geodesy they develop the Architecture and Children program.

  • CEA-Haralampiev

    The team of Eng. Georgi Haralampiev and Eng. Yordan Atanasov provided the project`s technical quality control.

  • Prototype Ltd.

    develops and manufactures innovative products and custom-made solutions for the metalworking industry. The company designs and engineers bespoke steel, aluminum and glass structures, and provides complex components and steel constructions.

  • Slavi Art Ltd.

    was established to offer qualitative and professional education in Bulgarian traditional dances for children and adults.

  • National Polytechnic Museum

    collects, preserves and presents the accomplishments of science and technology. Among the priorities of the National polytechnic museum are the educational programs for children in the fields of physics, chemistry, music, etc.

  • iCreate

    is a platform that brings together science, art and advanced technology. It conducts workshops for children with experts from the areas - scientists from various institutes at BAS, teachers from the AAS and leading schools, experts from private companies and leading contemporary artists. The concept of the platform is to recognize, promote, and encourage talent from an early age by communicating with successfully developed in the particular fields people and organizations. Founders are: Monev Art Academy for kids, Xenium Media Company, Contemporary Art Foundation.

  • Faculty of Physics at the Sofia University


    has a long experience in physics teaching - mostly university students, but school students as well. We take pride in the Bulgarian representatives at the Physics Olympics, to whose preparation we contributed.

  • Bulgarian Geographical Portal

    is an inspiring place for geographers, travelers and nature lovers.

  • British Council

    is the international organization of the United Kingdom for educational and cultural relations in the world. It occupies a special place in the public presentation of science in Bulgaria as it introduced the term "science communication" for the first time in the country. In 2004 it initiated the first communication trainings for scientists and journalists. It introduced the model Café Scientifique, carries out the global competition FameLab worldwide, built the unique Sofia Science Festival, and inspired the creation of the first Bulgarian scientific TV production "Beautiful Science", as well as many other projects since 2003.

  • Bio Games

    workshops encourage children to have respect for nature and to seek inspiration from it. They develop practical skills and creative thinking through play and direct experience, as well as logical thinking. They also provoke the desire to discover and improve personal qualities of children.

  • Christina Baclarova

    assists Muzeiko with pottery classes.

  • Association Roditeli (Parents)

    Mission: To encourage parents to be the best parents they can be and to support children to become the best adults they can become.

  • Compote Collective

    is an animation production company, managed by Ivan Bogdanov and Vessela Dancheva. The main goal of the Collective is to present unique visual styles by initiating various animation projects.

    Compote Collective is a platform of artists with distinctive styles and previous experience, who are based in several European countries. Currently the team brings together 17 artists from five European countries. Compote Collective is working on the production and implementation of animated film projects, as well as organizing children's workshops and events.

    For more information visit:

  • The Eggs Studio

    is a nest for design process and creative thinking. The artists at The Egg Studio work in a wide range of visual projects, and they are glad to share their experience with the younger generation. Good design is creativity, ideas, science and positive energy, just like the collaboration with Muzeiko.

  • Genesis Store

    is a partner of Muzeiko's giftshop.

  • Playground energy

    Harvesting the kinetic energy from playgrounds and giving it back to children in the form of light or sounds in order to motivate them to play more. Learn more about Playground energy here.

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