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When does learning become a game? When can you touch and smell science, jumping boldly with both feet into a new world, experimenting and getting surprising results? When you are able to dream.

Do you know who Muzeiko is? He’s brave – except for when something scares him. And he is handsome, just as handsome as every triangle is. And he’s smart – except for when he doesn’t understand something. In those cases he immediately attempts to figure it out on the spot. Because Muzeiko has one magical ability – he can travel through time. OK, he’s got one other skill as well – he can hide from danger by blending in with something triangular. Like the pyramids in Egypt. Like a shark’s fin. Like… you’ll see for yourself.

When he comes home from his journeys, Muzeiko always brings something back as a souvenir. He has collected all of his mementos in his home, a large museum, where you can see them too!

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