The Building

Muzeiko generates electricity in his own home, collects rain water and heats himself with geothermal energy!

The design of the glass portions of the building has struck a careful balance between factors such as heat loss, reflectiveness, the parameters of the glass used, visual quality and variations in the availability of daylight, assuring a sufficient quantity of light and a visual connection with the surrounding environment, which increases employees’ comfort and productivity. The green roof also contributes to the building’s comfortable interior by reducing external noise and vibrations.

An especially interesting part of the design is Muzeiko’s unique façade with its so-called little mountains – three sculptured elements covered in wood, textiles and ceramics, recreating the traditional Bulgarian crafts of woodcarving, needlepoint and painted ceramics. The building is designed in accordance with the LEED GOLD standard and includes a series of “green” technologies for generating and storing energy, with reduced energy expenditure and high-quality construction materials.

The concept of the building, Site Planning, Architectural Design, Interpretive Planning/Exhibition and Interior Design and part of the Graphic Design were developed by Lee H. Skolnick Architecture + Design Partnership Team (LHSA+DP), a leading American company specializing in the creation of children’s museums.

The designer of the technical and implementation phase of Muzeiko’s construction is the Bulgarian architectural and construction company A and A Architects.

Muzeiko is the winner of the 2015 Buliding of the year- Educational structure Award.

You can learn more about the building in the attached document.

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