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Do you know who some of the child inventors are? When was the first binary alphabet developed? Hint: a long time before the era of the Internet! When did the telephone become the telephone as we know it and is the discovery of television a pure coincidence? The answers to these and many other questions are tied to human curiosity and will be provided by the Inventions exhibit. Opening day of the exhibit is Tuesday, 13 November, and it will remain on the premises of the children’s science museum until the 30th of December this year.

Who hasn’t dreamed of becoming an explorer or a great inventor? To place his/her name on a discovery, which makes our life better, more interesting as well as easier?

The Inventions exhibit that will be hosted by Muzeiko during the months of November and December guides us through some of the most important scientific discoveries made by our human civilization. It outlines the process of discovery and explains with game and interactive modules, transforming the children into true inventors. Courtesy of this exhibit the inquisitive youngsters will try out new ideas, will pursue self-improvement and will have no fear of mistakes or failure. Because failure is often part of the journey towards attaining success!

The Inventions exhibit showcases the sensational discoveries from the 19th and 20th centuries, which we will remember as some of the most popular inventions that have forever changed the world in which we live.  The visitors to this exhibit space will learn how the X-rays, telephone, and Morse code were invented in addition to acquiring information about lesser known but very amusing inventions such as the Slinky, the hot air balloon, and the human-powered vehicles.

Muzeiko hosts the Inventions exhibit for a second time. About a year and a half ago the exhibition started a journely from the the children’s science museum to Northern Bulgaria. So far the Inventions exhibit has visited Razgrad and Gabrovo.

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