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Green Muzeiko

Value. Save. Reuse. Throw away separately. Recycle.

We have created an active educational pop-up exhibition, which demonstrates everyday life processes.


The module "Sorter" illustrates the separate collection of packaging waste.

The module "Lighting" illustrates the effect of ordinary light bulbs, as well as that of LED lighting on the environment.

The module "The water at home" illustrates the huge amount of water we use in our daily lives and the long and complicated process of purifying it before it returns to nature.

The module "Old items for new purposes" shows how unnecessary items can be reused or valuable to someone else.

The module "Where do toys go?" focuses on the pollutinon of the oceans with plastic, especially toys.


Five active and fun mini-exhibitions address key issues and challenge children and families to get involved in the solutions.


Can we use less water at home?

Are we disposing of used packaging properly and can we give it a second life?

What can we do to give a second life to things we no longer need?

How can we reduce the environmental pollution generated by energy production?


These and other questions "pop up" in the minds of the children while walking in the Muzeiko and, as part of the game, challenge them to action.


Official website of the project Green Muzeiko: https://green.muzeiko.bg/


The exhibition was developed under the project "AAA - Accessible Art for All" with the financial support of the National Culture Fund.


Authors: The exhibition was developed by Muzeiko and FUNKT studio with graphics and illustrations by POSTSTUDIO.


Partners: Kaufland BulgariaЕcobulpack Bulgaria AD Bulecopack ADSofiyska voda, part of Veolia and Olympus Foods Bulgaria

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