Space Chase

Space is a magical place for hundreds of scientists from around the world. It is a magnet for our drive to reach far-off places, but it is also an experimental field for researchers. On spaceships, experiments are carried out that could not be done (or which would be very difficult to do) here on earth due to the presence of gravity. Sometimes, after years of unsuccessful attempts, scientists make breakthroughs that were previously considered unachievable.

One of the greatest successes on the path to colonizing other planets from the Solar System is developing a greenhouse that allows plants to grow in space – without sunlight, gravity or soil.

The space greenhouse is the work of a group of specialists from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, led by Professor Tanya Ivanova from the Space Research Institute. It was successfully installed onboard the International Space Station and recreations of it are being used in a series of space programs.

Help children put together a model of a space greenhouse, learn what kind of light plants love, and work out like the astronauts! Imagine yourselves as astronauts and leave a message for the future, which we will record and leave in a time capsule.

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