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Early Childhood Area

Play is a fundamental part of children’s development. Children play in order to get to know their world, to gain new skills, to understand their own bodies and minds – and also to learn how to live together. Securing enough time and a suitable playing space helps children grow up confident and stressfree.

During the first years of a baby’s life, the parents want to pose many questions. And they would like to have a chat without engaging in baby talk…

Join the very youngest explorers in the places assigned for you and them in Muzeiko’s home. Investigate light and sound alongside them and watch how they develop dexterity and other abilities.

Here you can talk to other parents and meet some of Muzeiko’s partners specializing in the sphere of early childhood development. Send us (edu@muzeiko.bg) the questions or topics you are interested in. If you so wish, we could always include extra topics that you deem relevant.

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