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Nature is of vital importance to us, because we are dependent on the climate, the plants and the animals. In recent times, we have been witnessing a resurgence of extreme natural phenomena. We often upset the delicate balance in ecosystems in order to build wider roads, bigger factories and to provide more living space for humanity, whose population keeps growing. Our future depends on discoveries and innovations that will enable us to develop in harmony with the environment and its inhabitants – all the plant and animal species.

In his little corner of nature Muzeiko shares with kids and adults what he has learned about trees, how to identify them by their leaves, and where we can find nature within the city limits.

Learn about the structure of tree bark alongside your children, see how animals protect themselves with the help of their coloring, and find out how far you can jump – whether you can outjump a puma, a grasshopper or a frog.

A special exhibit has been dedicated to bats – Bulgaria is among the countries with the greatest diversity of bat species. Thirty-three of the thirty-five known bat species in Europe can be found here. You can try to “scan” your surroundings through sound or simply fall asleep like a bat – upside down.

And most important of all: think up small steps you, your family and friends can take to help preserve the natural environment around us.

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