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Mud Garden

Natural materials and elements such as soil, water, stones and wood promote the development of children's sensory perceptions, as well as their knowledge of nature. Lack of sufficient time for active movement outside is among the most common causes of cognitive impairment in children and leads to their overactivity. That's why the Mud Garden allows city children to immerse themselves in playing with natural materials, to sort stones by size, to go down the tree slide or just to watch the birds around!


The mud garden is divided into several play areas:

Tree corner with slide and climbing frame
Outdoor kitchen
Sensor flooring and boards
Area with children's construction and garden tools
Material and water sorting area


Here are some of the benefits that educators around the world find in such educational areas:

1. Emotional and social development: The zones allow role-playing games such as "builder", "restaurant chef", "mother and father who cook at home", "archaeologist", "explorer of the unknown". By taking on these roles, children develop their social skills and increase their emotional intelligence.

2. Language skills: Children are encouraged to talk about what they are doing and to share their excitement about being outside and to engage in free play. They feel more confident in speaking out loud and sharing their thoughts. The roles they enter create a rich language environment in which children can use a specific vocabulary related to the respective role in adult life.

3. Physical development: The little ones must be able to grab utensils such as spoons, shovels, lift bowls. They develop motor skills and strength, improve their fine motor skills. Mixing and stirring enhance hand-eye coordination.

4. Math: In the Mud Garden children can get used to measuring different amounts of water or sand, counting pebbles and sorting them by type.

5. Creativity: Playgrounds of this type are already very common in schools and kindergartens. They are increasingly established as spaces to ignite children's imagination. With a little creativity, plain mud can be turned into a smooth cake batter.


Playing with mud, water and sand among trees, bushes and pebbles is great fun! But children also need it to be close to the earth and to communicate with nature through all their senses.

The Mud Garden is situated next to Muzeiko's Educational Building! Grab your boots, sandals or flip flops and get ready for a big muddy party!

The Mud Garden is open between Friday and Sunday from 10:00am to 6:00pm. It can be visited only with a ticket for Muzeiko, valid on the day of visit, regardless of the time interval for which it was purchased. The presence of a parent or other adult companion for children under 12 is mandatory.

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