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Grand Challenges

Future scientists, researchers, artists and explorers will inherit significant, unsolved challenges. Some of them will define the future of our planet and of humanity itself. Here we invite you to think along with Muzeiko – and to hear kids’ solutions – to four such challenges.

Food – now more than ever, food supplies are more unequally and unwisely distributed throughout the globe. Almost a billion adults and children go hungry around the world, while another billion and a half are overweight. Every day, more than 150,000 tons of perfectly good food is thrown away. What’s wrong with this picture?

Energy – cars, computers, cell phones… We all need more and more energy, while our natural supplies of energy are dwindling. How can we secure the energy supply we need, without destroying nature?

Climate and the environment – floods, fires, hurricanes, extreme high and low temperatures. Scientists have various theories, but we all know that we need to be in better harmony with nature. Perhaps children know how we could achieve this?

Communication – never before have we been so connected: social networks, mobile phones, unlimited Internet access. But we have never been so far apart when it comes to our deepest convictions. How can we communicate more effectively? How would we like to see technology develop in the future?

Discuss these and other important questions with your children while sorting out the dinner menu on various continents; find out whether apples are a popular snack in Africa and discover interesting new facts about food. Here kids can meet real urban planners, meteorologists, scientists and inventors – in videos and in real life. Encourage them to search for and try out their own solutions, even when the issues seem complicated.

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