Constructed World

We’ve been living in cities for 5,000 years! Today, more than half the world’s people live in cities. This way we conserve resources and organize our transportation, work and spend free time together. In cities, we share common comforts… but also common problems – cities are overcrowded, the traffic is congested, and the air is polluted. Architects, urban planners, and biologists are looking for solutions to improve the quality of life in cities that will also help us remain close to one another.

Come visit Muzeiko’s city and identify new possibilities for improving city life! Study the systems that help make the functions of buildings possible and direct water from dams to cities, learn how we organize the flow of traffic on the streets and how traffic lights help us. Investigate new building materials and construction methods that are less harmful to the natural environment. Meet the architects who built Muzeiko and trace its unbelievable transformation into an energy-efficient building, which exists in harmony with the environment.

Look around – you may be able to throw a glance at some of the future architects, engineers and builders!

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